iServer Enterprise Architecture

Digiterra, in partnership with Orbus offers you iServer – a scalable, practical and cost effective solution that enables teams across the enterprise to collaborate.

Features & Benefits

Powerful central repository for all enterprise architecture or business process models and documentation, and a range of tools for visualization, analysis and decision making.
iServer is a unique proposition – a scalable, practical and cost effective platform enabling teams across the enterprise to collaborate.
iServer has been designed from the outset to have an extensible meta-model that is easily editable through the user interface.
With iServer, the Visio templates and stencils can be changed in minutes, using almost any icon or image required so you can best support your chosen standard notation.
iServer is typically implemented in a couple of days and the familiar, easy to use environment means modeling teams are productive within a week. Added to this, existing Microsoft Visio, Word and Excel content can be instantly imported and re-used without any delay for converting or re-creating content.
iServer Portal provides live access to the latest versions of diagrams and documentation online, giving the business an easy to use browsing experience where they can browse models and submit their feedback and comments.
HTML Publisher provides a simple publication mechanism, suitable for sharing a set of diagrams with colleagues or clients via HTML or an upload to Microsoft SharePoint.
There is also a tool to publish a set of diagrams to PowerPoint that will keep the executive level happy. Finally, all diagrams and documentation retain their original Visio/Word/Excel formats, so can be shared as normal with colleagues, and indeed exported to a variety of formats such as PDF, images or HTML.