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By Dumisa Mgudlwa, Marketing and Sales Consultant: Resourcing We don’t approach resourcing as a numbers game, but one where the quality of the resources we have working with you is key. All of our resources are employed by Digiterra and represent the quality and integrity of our brand.  Our comprehensive selection process ensures best fit in

By Dumisa Mgudlwa, Marketing and Sales Consultant: Resourcing Digiterra believes in partnerships and works towards a resourcing solution that works for your requirement and budget. We understand that finding the right skill at the right time can be challenging. Some of our satisfied clients and leading organisations across different industries have benefited from our fixed term

Board Software Key Advantages

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 by

Speed HBMP in-memory technology, toolkit, data-fast track, dynamic data models: every BOARD component has been designed to ensure maximum speed of development and high performance. Ease of use A self-service data-discovery environment enables users to easily search for information, interact intuitively with their data, and perform in-depth analyses with the utmost simplicity. User Self-sufficiency The

5 reasons to use Board Software

Friday, 09 February 2018 by

                Board is internationally recognised with over 3000 clients worldwide   Board focuses on your specific requests as a user, providing dashboard viewing   Board integrates easily with Microsoft packages    Board will help better your Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning, Profitability & Future Profitability and Trends   Board will

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