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BOARD is a “one stop shop” solution that helps retailers to break down functional and organizational silos and to run effective planning, forecasting and analysis processes across the whole organization: from HQs down to countries, departments, warehouses, stores and SKU level. With BOARD, financial goals can be easily translated into inventory and assortment strategies that

By Dumisa Mgudlwa, Marketing and Sales Consultant: Resourcing Right Skill, Right Time We understand that it can be challenging finding capability and extra capacity when you need it. Digiterra has a team of experienced professionals on hand to give support at any time. With our resource provisioning, we help enable organisations to quickly maximise return on

Easily summarise your business performance with stunning data visualisations, delivering a personal and immediate understanding of what is going on. Combine data from any source to effectively display and monitor the status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) across the enterprise. All without writing a single line of code.   Make Your Data Talk

BOARD brings closed loop decision-making to the Office of Finance. Analysis, Simulation, Planning, Forecasting and Reporting in a single environment. By integrating Business Intelligence, CPM and Predictive Analytics in a single product, BOARD offers to the Office of Finance a cutting-edge platform to drive decision-making processes across the whole organization, achieving an enterprise wide view