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Case Study – CPM – Production

Monday, 27 November 2017 by

Corporate Performance Management – Production Case Study   Company Established in 1916 in the USA, Modine is a thermal management company, providing engineered heat transfer systems and high-quality heat transfer components, specialising in thermal management solutions. Modine has 21 production plants, a workforce of about 3900 people, a presence in over 80 countries worldwide, a

By Lawrence Serven, Regional Sales Director, The Americas, BOARD International Most CFOs are not happy with their Financial Planning and Analysis process, believing it delivers too little value and eats up too many resources. As a result, they often ask “What are Best Practices in Financial Planning & Analysis?” To date, the answers have been based

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BOARD Key Advantages

Thursday, 09 November 2017 by

Speed HBMP in-memory technology, toolkit, data-fast track, dynamic data models. Every BOARD component has been designed to ensure maximum speed of development and high performance. Ease of use A self-service data-discovery environment enables users to easily search for information, interact intuitively with their data, and perform in-depth analyses with the utmost simplicity. User Self-sufficiency The

By Michael Talbott, Global Product Director, BOARD International Like most types of enterprise software, the world of analytics is moving into the Cloud faster than smoke in an updraft.  The list of advantages is irresistible to businesses of all sizes.  Economies of scale, savings, scalability, elasticity, faster time to value and access to a world of