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By Andrea Alfieri, Head of Marketing Over the past several years, the market for data discovery tools has grown at 2.5 times that of the overall market for Business Intelligence Software and analytics platforms (IDC). Likewise, BI and analytics remain the highest priority for Gartner clients worldwide again this year. So it’s an understatement to say that data discovery and

By Pietro Ferrari, CTO, BOARD International I recently read an article on the development of modern music that resonated with my thoughts on where the fields of BI and analytics are headed. At the dawn of our digital era more than half a century ago, a man named Robert Moog invented the most commercially viable

DigiView is the ideal solution for you when: You want to combine reporting from different data sources dynamically The cost of BI is ordinarily not accessible to your business You want to incorporate business measures based on acceptable international standards You realize BI can improve how you measure, report and manage your business Key Value