Career Opportunity: Sharepoint Developer – Johannesburg

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We are looking for a Sharepoint Developer who will be responsible for the following:

Results Delivery

  • Contribute to crafting of departmental business plan to ensure delivery of focus areas for the year in support of IT strategy
  • Apply cost effectiveness principles in planning and delivery to contribute to achievement of divisional financial targets
  • Provide input into the formalisation of the divisional budget
  • Manage allocated budget by tracking costs

Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Build strategic Company / Industry/ Global network of thought leaders and relationships utilising social media, attending and presenting at conferences and training interventions.
  • Maintain on-going collaborate relationships with business through structured processes and adhoc customer contact in order to ensure proper understanding of customer needs and delivery of appropriate solutions
  • Familiarise self with business requirements by attending relevant meetings with associates (developers, testers, business analysts, project managers etc) in order to share knowledge as well as play the expected role in various projects
  • Comply with the Service Level Agreements by ensuring that applications are developed, implemented and supported in line with cost, quality and timelines

Process Management

  • Manage own delivery against agreed delivery plan and set timelines, identify obstacles to delivery and take appropriate action where required
  • Receive business requirements and conduct technical impact analysis in order to understand the impact of the required process change and decide on the scope of the project and how it will be delivered
  • Develop software to meet business requirements utilising the relevant coding design patterns
  • Conduct unit testing of the code written by to ensure that if fulfils the requirements as set out in the business functional requirements specification
  • Create supporting documentation in order to ensure that there is an accessible reference detailing how the application was developed and tested, thereby making it easy to support the solution in future and train end users
  • Assist with the deployment of the application into production by providing relevant documentation for deployment, creating a deployment artefact in order to make the system available for business users
  • Support the business during user acceptance testing by resolving any queries and defects in order to ensure delivery of a system that meets business requirements
  • Support production queries by resolving any queries and defects in order to make the system available for business users
  • Take responsibility for own work by developing tracking matrix to ensure that work is delivered in line with agreed timelines

Self Management

  • Improve personal capability and professional growth relating to field of expertise, in line with company objectives by discussing development needs and proposed solutions with management
  • Keep abreast of changes in legislation or standards by conducting research and utilising networks
  • Upskill team and other professionals by sharing knowledge and research results
  • Epitomise living the company values, displaying professional conduct and adherence to required technical standards
  • Ensure self and team members has required skill and professional/ technical expertise by assessing gaps and development areas and creating development plans
  • Engaged with team in such a way that the feel motivated to achieve better performance feel respected and diversity is valued

Transformation and Innovation Contribution

  • Analyse, research, develop and implement  improvement/innovative ideas and value adding  solutions contributing to divisional and company results

Essential Qualification      

  • Degree in Information Technology

Preferred Qualification      

  • Honours, Masters MCSD plus relevant Financial Qualification

Professional Knowledge (what must know)

  • Basic software applications (e.g., Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Internet, Email)
  • Divisional service offerings
  • Budget forecast assumptions
  • Business continuity standard
  • Business principles
  • Data analysis
  • Decision-making process
  • Industry trends
  • Advanced software applications
  • Waterfall and Argile methodologies (software development methodologies)

Skills (what must be able to do)

  • Adapting behaviour to meet major changes at work
  • Adapting to a major organisational change
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Evaluating resource allocation
  • Networking and building relationships
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with peers / subordinates / managers
  • Conducting performance feedback meetings
  • Coordinating on-the-job training for new hires (e.g., identifying need, scheduling, resource allocation)

Send your cv to: – Reference TH-SD-070916


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